Custom-Made: A luxury you can afford.

What do I mean by custom-made, and how does it differ from made-to-measure, which is really what you are going to get elsewhere, even though it’s called “custom-made”?

My name is Esmail Astanboos. I am one of America’s last shirt makers and I am also a clothier. All of the shirts and suits I make are custom-made in my workshop.

Custom-Made means that all shirts and suits are made in my workshop from an individual paper pattern, not in a factory from a standard template.

Custom-Made means that all shirts and suits are made with the finest imported fabrics, not cheap knock-offs.

Custom-Made means that shirts and suits are fitted before they are finished, always on your first order, and frequently on re-orders.

Custom-Made means that only when you are satisfied with the fit of a shirt or suit, do I complete your order.

Custom-Made means that the same person who takes your measurements (me) is the person who makes your clothes, or supervises the tailors who do.

Custom-Made means that at every step in the process of making your shirts or suits, your complete satisfaction is my goal. I have made clothes for many prominent men and women – including a president of the United States – and for some of the top names in Hollywood, who need to look their best while walking down the red carpet.

Custom-Made means that you have to make an appointment. I can meet with you in your office or home or my showroom.